Mantra on the Hill

Richard Brown

Your Host

Richard grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and worked at Skyline Chili in Milford in 1970
at the age of 16. He was fired after 3 months and told he would never make in
the restaurant business.

After working as an Air Traffic Controller in the US Air Force from 1972 to 1976,
Richard attended a local college with the desire to be an elementary school
teacher, While in college, he bravely re-entered the Restaurant Business and
tried his hand as a spaghetti server at 'Buster T. Browne's'. After Buster's closed
abruptly 5 months later - he moved to Zino's in Clifton, the Coffee Shop at
Stouffer's Hotel, and in 1980 went to work at Les Palmiers; a French Restaurant
in the newly refurbished Union Terminal. He lasted one month - but - he had
tasted quality French Food and Wine for the first time and he quickly decided he
wanted to work in the best French restaurants in the city - and that his old
manager at Skyline Chili was full of beans.

In 1980, Richard began working as a server at the Mobil 4 Star - 'Pigall's French
Restaurant'. In 1985 he moved to the nation's longest 5 Star Restaurant - '
Maisonette where he became Captain and then Maitre d'. He worked with Jean-
Robert de Cavel at Maisonette until 2000 when he moved to the 'Palace' in the
Cincinnatian Hotel. In 2002 Richard and Jean-Robert teamed up once again to
re-open 'Jean-Robert at Pigall's'. in 2009, Richard became General Manager at
'Boca' in Oakley and now, after 35 years in the Restaurant Industry - works as a
Restaurant Consultant as the owner of 'Richard Brown Hospitality, LLC'.


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